The ENTRA series

There’s no getting past it

The access systems in our ENTRA series make doors and gates even more secure against break-ins. You can choose between the ENTRAsys+ with biometric finger scanner and the ENTRAcode+ with numeric code. With different mounting versions, the systems can be used in a wide variety of areas.

Keyless access
128-bit AES encryption
128-bit AES
Easy installation

The key moment

Unlocking the future

The ENTRAsys+ is unlocked with a fingerprint, the ENTRAcode+ by entering a numeric code. This means you can open doors even when you only have one finger free.

You only have to move one finger

In contrast to a traditional key, the ENTRA series gives you not only greater security, but also added convenience when unlocking your door.

Safety comes first

128-bit AES encryption

Our bidirectional SOMloq2 radio system with 128-bit AES encryption guarantees reliable unlocking.

Just apply your finger!

Both the ENTRAsys+ and the ENTRAcode+ are available in different mounting versions. The right model for everyone!

Flush-mounted access systems from SOMMER
Universal access system from SOMMER
For doors and gates

Luxurious design

Secure access systems for every application

Both ENTRAsys+ and ENTRAcode+ are available in various versions. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.


The biometric access control system

Instead of a key, all versions of the "ENTRAsys+” use a biometric access control system which the customer unlocks via his or her fingerprint. The system uses a strip sensor with a high processing speed which ensures quick fingerprint recognition.

Our SOMloq2 radio system ensures a secure radio connection between scanner and receiver. This prevents the technology being short-circuited or bridged.

ENTRAsys+ Universal access system from SOMMER
ENTRAsys+ access system for flush-mounted installation
ENTRAcode+ Surface-Mounted access system from SOMMER
ENTRAcode+ Flush-Mounted access system from SOMMER
ENTRAcode+ Universal access system from SOMMER


The universal access control system with individually programmable numeric codes

With all the ENTRAcode+ models, access is secured by means of a numeric code. The code consists of 4 to 8 digits, as desired, and can be set individually. 128-bit AES encryption with Rollingcode ensures secure transmission between ENTRAcode+ and receiver.

Thanks to the illuminated keypad of the ENTRACODE, doors and gates can be opened quickly, even in the dark.


The key is – no key

Practical functions further optimise the handling of the ENTRAsys+ and ENTRAcode+. For example, the illuminated keypad allows you to open the door quickly, even in the dark.


ENTRAsys+ Universal
ENTRAcode+ Universal

For doors and gates

Easy integration

  • Encrypted and secure-transmission wireless connection between the finger scanner in the door and the radio receiver in the door profile
  • Unlike wired systems, no short-circuiting or bridging possible
  • Data are retained and the door remains securely locked in the event of a power failure
  • Flexible usage options in addition to the door, e.g. exterior lighting, alarm system and gate operator can be controlled
  • Connection AC 12 V, DC 12–24 V


Simply conceal it in the wall

  • A low installation height of 10 mm offers understated design that blends into the façade
  • For flush-mounted boxes in accordance with DIN 49073-1
ENTRAcode+ Flush-Mounted
ENTRAsys+ Flush-Mounted
ENTRAcode+ Surface-Mounted


Easy to install

  • Battery-operated, no power supply connection or wiring necessary

Long-standing experience (since 1980) 

Made in Germany.

Made in Germany

SOMMER and our subsidiaries and partners worldwide offer you everything from a single source. Our hardware and software is developed completely in-house and is renowned for the outstanding quality and innovative technology “Made in Germany”.

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